Sunday, February 3, 2008

More than just beaches

According to an article in the Statesman, Hawaii has become our nation's pace setter in green energy initiatives. With its recent pledge to develop 70% of its state's energy with renewable sources by 2030, Hawaii and the Department of Energy hope to attract billions of dollars in clean energy development to the island state. Some initiatives currently in the works/completed:

  • Maui wind farms generate power for 11,000 homes, saving 236,000 barrels of imported oil every year. The amount of energy from wind farms grew by 1000% last year
  • Shell Oil is building a research center to attempt to turn algae into fuel. Other companies are investing in technology to convert palm trees, sugar cane and other sources into fuel for vehicles and power plants
  • A $140 million system currently in development will provide air conditioning to dozens of downtown Honolulu buildings by pumping cool ocean water underneath the city

Researchers/investors hope to expand successful initiatives to other U.S. mainland states.

The original article can be viewed here.

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