Friday, February 15, 2008

NHLPA Carbon Neutral Challenge

The National Hockey League Players’ Association teamed with the David Suzuki Foundation last December to attack global warming. NHL players can now buy carbon credits to offset their carbon footprint produced by their travels throughout the hockey season, which lasts about half the year.

Each player produces approximately 10 tonnes of CO2 equivalents of emissions per year. At the inception of the challenge around 350 players joined the effort. Now, according to, 482 players have joined the challenge, roughly over two-thirds of the 700 or so players in the NHL. These carbon offsets make renewable energy efforts such as wind energy a greater potential for success.

NHL players are purchasing Gold Standard carbon offsets, which don’t simply contribute funds to existing renewable sources, but go towards creating additional projects in non-Kyoto Protocol countries (typically developing countries.) The goal here is to help developing countries “leap frog” fossil fuels technology, unlike what we see in China today.

You can check out the challenge at

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