Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Our Energy Future" lecture

I was watching TV, and there was the preview/commercial about what was going to be on the news tonight.  They mentioned fuel and algae and I thought "great... it'll give me something to blog about."  So I went online to kvue.com to see if there was an article, and it was actually under the community events.  So I'm scrolling, scrolling, and then... it turns out it's a a part of a lecture series.  The presenter: Dr. Webber.  Kinda funny.  So here's the news website, and the UT website.

There's even a (funny) little video you can watch, where Dr. Webber advertises what he's going to talk about at the presentation.  One of the things he mentioned was talking frankly about ethanol.  I believe that. 

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