Sunday, February 3, 2008

Reducing emission of 20M tons of CO2, represents a profit of 10.5 billions dollars!

Recently a news reported that the Mexican government will support the construction of one million energy-saving houses called "Ecological". This will contribuite to reduce one million of tons of CO2.

Extrapolating this situation it can be analyzed that the projection of the total population of Latin America for the year of 2010 will be 583 million, which 22 percent is considered rural. If there was a policy like that is going to be launched in Mexico, and a feasible cooperation between countries to work together for the environment, it could be able the oportunity for both a business and an important inflow of money for de developing countries.

To make the numbers simple, by 2010 the projected population of rural Latin America will be 126 million of people, which because of the population dynamics they will need 20 million new houses. The average sales price is 15 thousand dollars, which represents a gross income of 30 billion dollars. And, according to reports on the construction, the average net income that exists in this industry is 35%, therefore, follow this simple logic, for 2010 it would almost certainly could be a business of 10.5 billion dollars.

Having a business focused on this type of low-income class , making an alliance with the governments of each Latin American country and contributing to create a world more clean of fossil emissions, it would be a business that many of us would like to colaborate.

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