Sunday, February 3, 2008

US Military in Iraq

I’m still investigating the future military intentions of the US in the Middle East, but have decided to research the problem of peak oil. My hunch is that the long term bases that are set up or being set up in the Middle East will serve as strongpoints for the preservation of the Union when or if the peak oil crisis is reached.

For reminders, the US has fourteen military bases in Iraq with future plans to consolidate them into four massive mega bases housing over twenty thousand troops apiece. Also, we have building contracts in those countries extending longer than fifty years out. Some sources say that we are directly on the verge of a peak oil crisis. I’m talking in the neighborhood of five to ten years. Others say that we are still fifteen to twenty five years away from the problem. Interestingly enough, the same predictions for the growing “demand surpassing supply” problem is identical to that of the world’s water supply. Yup, if you didn’t know it, experts are predicting that the demand for water will surpass its supply by the year 2030. So just keep that on your radars.
So, why is there a concern with the problem of peak oil? The effects would be sweeping. To be sure, the economy would suffer a drastic hit as investors try to hold on to their money in a volatile market (since the price of oil would skyrocket). What the market would experience is known as price shocking, a crippling problem associated with drastic changes in oil throughout history. Other effects of the crisis would be on agriculture and transportation, of course. The agricultural industry’s dependence spreads from the equipment to the pesticides used on the crops. Transportation would take such a massive hit that the modernized world would become crippled for a few decades as a viable alternative fuel is searched out.

I search out these things because I’m particularly interested. I will begin to look into how the politicians are discussing the methods. Also, I know that the government holds these meetings called “think tanks.” I’m not sure how classified any of this is, but I will be most interested to see how the United States and other Countries are already preparing for the potential crisis.

Don’t forget the main point. I started with the US military operations and I am pulling on the thread to see what unravels. I think like most of you...that our operations in Iraq were about oil and nothing else. I think there is more to the story however...

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KK said...

It is fascinating to me when politicians claim we will be out of Iraq in x amount of time and people believe them. Does anyone realize we still have bases in Germany - from WWII?! The end of our occupation in the Middle East will not happen in our lifetime - unless the U.S. starts "losing" and we are forced out...