Sunday, February 10, 2008

Are YOU doing something about it??

Inconvenient Truth is a very good movie, communicates the message clearly. I saw this movie like one year ago, and for me was very helpful to refresh my mind about the critical situation but, honestly, I still seeing people doing nothing even that the message has been widespread very well. For example, in a quick survey, tell me how many of you know a recycling place? Do you take your recyclable things to those places? Some of you I am sure you do it, but mostly does not, and I am included in the last group. And, if I could ask Richard Wagoner (GM CEO) why they still producing 8-cilinders-car? I am sure I would not get an answer related to the global warming.

This movie has a lot of true and alarming facts that we can not avoid them. Every year the intensity of the natural effects such as storms, tornados, floods, hurricanes, etc. not only is increasing considerably but also the nature is beating its own records. Such is the case of Mexico, there was the most serious flood in the history and was the worst tragedy in the country, more than one million of victims without a roof to sleep, in just 3 days the 80% of Tabasco (state) was covered by water, heavy rains caused 7 rivers to overflow.
As the movie says, we have to act. We can do something, we can start with small steps, we can recycle, we can reduce the time in the shower, we can begin to use energy savers lights, or simply we can sreduce our production of waste, and try to widespread the message.

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