Sunday, February 10, 2008

Inconvenient Truth

Watching inconvenient truth reminded me of three major points:
1) Watching the movie was extremely boring for me because it offered nothing more than what I already knew. Thought, it can be extremely informative for people who have not been introduced to the issue of global warming yet. Also, I doubt that there are many people who have not been introduced to this concept. Recently media and online resources have reflected on this issue.

2) I think today the issue is no longer to inform people of the problem. Today it is important to think whether or not each of us are ready to make sacrifices. For example buying a hybrid car needs a larger initial investment. The question is: are we willing to make this initial investment. It is always easier to wait for everybody else to do something. What if we get financial benefit from being environmentally friendly? Would we then act on it?

3) Reading some reviews and looking at some critics I saw questions about scientific credit to Al Gore movie. Instead of arguing the credit lets assume that global warming is not happening or however the critics argue. Now let’s look at benefits of all steps necessarily to prevent global warming. For example switching to a wide range of alternative fuels can reduce our dependence on foreign oil and have a huge national security incentive. Instead of spending huge chunk of money every year to fight wars that politicians claim have nothing to do with oil why not we spending that money in developing and using alternative fuels. Another example would be the nation’s health. Even if we deny that global warming is not happening we can’t deny effect pollution has in people health. Having cleaner air can reduce health care cost letting us have a cleaner environment to live in. All I am saying is that all steps require to reduce global warming can have positive effects in many aspects of our lives. So what do we have to lose? Even if we do all these and one day we find out that global warming was not happening we still reached many benefits that makes the cost very inconsiderable.

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