Sunday, February 10, 2008

electric cars and hot politics

So, i watched the movie, "Who Killed the Electric Car." I also watched that Frontline deal titled, "Hot Politics."

I'd have to agree with one of you about the fact that "Hot Politics" really had nothing substantial to offer. I'm used to this from the Frontline media, however. Every documentary I have seen from them has been very one sided and even laughable about how they choose to portray the characters whom they love or hate. Just pick one of the segments and replay it one time keeping this one thing in mind.... every time you see someone that Frontline likes, they will play happy music. They will show bright smiling faces or something sweet. When you see someone they don't like, you get angry scowels and screaching violins as if some demon were about to walk into the room.

I was incredibly interested to find that the last three presidencies were unable to do anything substantial about the whole bit. Even more interesting was the fact that neither Gore nor Clinton accepted the invitation to be interiewed concerning the matter. Climate change is an issue that is worth paying attention to and I thought that Gore was one of the leaders in this global campaign. I guess it's easier for him to run around making movies than it is for him to actually sit down for an interview to face the hard questions.

I guess the thing that gets me the most heated about these things is the lack of good information. The 'electric car' movie was a good movie, for instance, but not once did they put any information out about how the cars would probably put off an equivalent amount of carbon each year of operation as a gasoline automobile. They painted this fine picture of how great it would all be and why are these angry giants reclaiming these vehicles and just crushing them.

The frontline presentation also did something funny. During one of those dark music scenes, they talked about how President Bush suddenly had made energy the top prioity of his cabinet. Hello, why play the dark music and make it out to be a bad thing? We've been spending the last couple weeks learning about how important an issue this whole energy thing is. So, they play music for a good decision. I highly doubt that all attention to carbon emissions was entirely dropped.

I know that there are very passionate people out there trying to get a point across. Just make the information factual and fair. This would actually serve to help further more beneficial discussion rather than hurt it as is the current case.


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