Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hot Politics Puts Politicians in the Hot Seat

Watching Hot Politics would make almost any politician embarrassed to say that they've been involved in the American political arena over the past 20 years. From hiding climate affect assessments to not living up to campaign statements, the world has been duped again and again by American politicians. I can understand why American leaders have not wanted to ratify treaties that require a committed GHG reductions instead of attempted GHG reductions, but I did not know that so many times we had told the world that we would cut emissions by specific percentages only to back out when our representative returned to the US. One statement that resonated with me concerning the Clinton Administration and there efforts with climate change was, "they got the policy right, but not the politics." It concerns me that something good for the earth and for the US can not be recognized unless there is something in it that gives you instant gratification. At some point some of these politicians are going to have to stop looking out for #1, and start looking out for #6.5 billion.

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