Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Hyopcricy of Al Gore

If the world is in as dire a situation as Al Gore says it is, perhaps all Americans should use him as an example and strive to be like him.

As the USA Today editorial says, Gore owns 3 residences, one of which is 10,000 sq ft, 20 room mansion, and the other weighing in at a hefty 4,000 sq ft. Hmmmm, one would think someone so concerned with the environment might downsize in order to leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Next is the issue of the source of his electricity. Mr. Gore has the option of paying a little more per kilowatt hour to use wind generated electricity, but surprise surprise, he has not chosen to do so. This is something George W Bush is starting to do for certain government buildings.

Mr. Gore also has extensive holdings in Occidental Petroleum, which has extensive E & P operations worldwide. He has allowed a zinc mining operation to take place on his property in Tennesee, which has led to higher Barium, Iron, and Zinc levels in a nearby river.

If it were just a regular person that owned these large houses, didn't use green electricity, and owned a large stake in an oil company it would be one thing, but the fact is, it's a person holding himself up as a holier than thou example of an environmentally friendly role model. The moral of the story here Mr. Gore, is if you want any credibility, practice what you preach.

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