Sunday, February 3, 2008

In addition to "Presidential Candidates Views on Energy Policy (and Emissions)"

Dr. Goblin, you beat me to the punch. I was in the middle of chewing the fat of the same Houston Chronicle article when I discovered your post. Nevertheless, the Big Game is sneaking up behind me like John Rambo in the Burmese jungle, so I’ll just keep the same theme.

I think Ivanovich did us a favor in summing up the frontrunners’ energy ideas and, more importantly, hinting at how little confidence we should probably have in them. We’ve got to remember: we’re not voting for actual people here, we’re voting for presidential candidates. What they say can and will be used against them, so the best we can really hope for in these early stages is some sort of vague notion of energy policy leaning towards each candidate’s political alignment. But, in hopes of staying informed, here’s another handy website to track the candidates’ stances on climate and energy issues.

And if I could add something to the Chronicle article, it would be this tasty nugget from the bloodsucking CEO Mitt Romney while addressing Michigan’s automakers, taken from a mid-January Economist Article: 'He would also slow the tightening of fuel-economy standards. “Take off those burdens and let's show them how fast a Mustang will actually go,” he said.'

Mitt Romney - a true GOP-er with a disdain for R-rated movies and a special place in his heart for muscle cars.

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