Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sundance Gets in on the Green Movement

MSN had an article discussing the Sundance Film Festival in Park City. The main point was the amount of eco-friendly awareness the festival was trying to get out. Many of their luxury booths were sponsored by non-profits with green ties. Project Greenhouse had a booth that was sponsored by Lexus and their new line of hybrids.
With Sundance being a film festival, they also have environmentally concious movies, just like Gore's "An Inconvienient Truth" which played at the festival two years ago. "Fields of Fuel" is a movie about our dependency on fossil fuels and the potential for biodiesel to be a replacement fuel. Then there is "Flow - For Love of Water" about the depletion of our incredibly important water resources.
Many of the movies at Sundance, not just the ones with environmental topics, have gone green in their production. They teamed with Earth Pledge who helped film makers created movies in a carbon neutral way. And everyone should be happy to know that when we go see "There Will be Blood" tomorrow night we will be supporting a movie that voluntarily opted to offset its envinronmental damages.

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