Saturday, February 9, 2008

An Inconvenience Truth Review

I watched the movie “Inconvenient Truth,” a documentary film featuring Al Gore addressing the issue of global warming. The movie was informative and portrayed the truth from scientific aspect. The way Al Gore uses the media as the tool to achieve his mission of informing the public about the causes and effects of global warming was a success, this propaganda is similar to the movie “Super Size Me” where the movie had a great impact and spread the message to the general public to have a healthier lifestyle. I liked where Gore focus on how to communicate effectively to the general public, apart from liking the politician or not, his work of educating the public to understand global warming is worth noting. Also, the movie was easy to understand, and Al gore simplified the information scientists and engineers have to educate the public. His photographic evidence and graphics not only supported his fact, but also strengthen the awareness on what is happening around us. I was stunned when I saw the receding snows of kilmanjaro photo, and I believe the evidence and graphics he showed will have an impact on people.

The title “inconvenience truth,” helps us to recognize the global warming problem and understand the truth. The word “inconvenience” involved addressing the issue, it means the trouble for people to initiate and take action, such as paying a tax for getting a plastic bag or take public transportation instead of driving, but if we overlook the inconvenience and if we are willing to sacrifice, we can make a huge difference and have a better environment.

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